Countdown to GPP: T minus 21 hours

Countdown to GPP: T minus 21 hours

It is Friday night, and I leave tomorrow for Iceland, Germany, and then Switzerland for the Global Perspectives Program. I keep repeating this to myself because it hasn’t really sunk in yet.

This past week, I have been running on caffeine and lists. Each day there was a new list with all of the things that I needed to get done for classes, work, summer research, and preparing for the trip. Everything that I had to do was on those lists.

And now, I have checked off (almost) everything from my to-do list. And I can actually start to think about the trip. I have no idea what adventures lay ahead, but I am so excited for adventure. I am excited to stop in Iceland and go on a Puffin Cruise. I am excited to navigate unknown roads as Gary drives us around the country. I am excited to visit relatives in Garmisch, and I am excited to meet new friends in Zurich.

But I am most excited to talk to people, to hear their stories, and learn about other people and other places. As part of the Global Perspectives Program, we get to travel to several universities and meet with faculty, students, and staff. I am so excited to just learn about another corner of the world.


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