Curriculum Vitae

I am currently at Virginia Tech completing a Ph.D. in Engineering Education and an M.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering. During my time at Virginia Tech, I have been involved in teaching, research, and service focused on both student and faculty development.

This focus on student and faculty development has been shaped and influenced by my experience in engineering and my own educational experiences.  To find out more about these experiences and the work I have been involved in, see below for a brief overview.




Virginia Tech

Ph.D in Engineering Education, expected summer 2018
M.Eng in Mechanical Engineering, expected December 2017

Dissertation: Engineering students’ professional development in living-learning communities.
Advisors: Drs. Marie Paretti and Denise Simmons
Committee Members: Drs. Walter Lee and Frank Shushok
Examining students definitions of professional development and identifying the variety of activities in living-learning communities that help students develop professionally. For more information, click here.

M.Eng Project: Exploring Relationships Between Learning Approaches and Conceptual Understanding in Heat Transfer.
Advisors: Drs. Holly Matusovich, Christopher Williams, and Thomas Diller
Conducted observations of a heat transfer workshop that incorporated hands-on learning. Conducted interviews of students who were taking the heat transfer course to examine students’ conceptual understanding of heat transfer concepts. Analyzed the relationship between students’ learning strategies and their conceptual understanding in heat transfer. For more information, click here.


Graduate Assistant: Contemporary Pedagogy, Virginia Tech, Fall 2017.
Primary graduate assistant for a graduate-level course focused on educational theories and teaching strategies. Coordinated the use of technology in the course, which consisted of maintaining the course website, syndicating student blogs, and managing technology in the classroom environment. For more information, click here.

Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) Delegate, Virginia Tech, 2016-present.
GSA delegate for the Engineering Education department.


VTECC (Virginia Tech Engineering Communication Center), Graduate Research Assistant, Virginia Tech, Summer 2017.
Advisors: Drs. Marie Paretti and Lisa McNair
Examining disciplinary cultures in various engineering disciplines at a variety of institutions.

ASEE Student Division Secretary/Treasurer, 2016-2017.
Secretary/Treasurer for the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Student Division. Coordinated meetings, recorded meeting minutes, and handled finances.

Engineering Education Department Ambassador, Virginia Tech, 2015-2017.
Coordinated the mentoring program for first-year graduate students in the Engineering Education department. Organized and led new student orientation for first-year graduate students. Assisted with recruitment and Engineering Education Open Houses for prospective students. Met with and communicated with prospective students.

Commission on Student Affairs Representative, Virginia Tech, 2017.
Served as a graduate student representative on the Commission on Student Affairs.

FORGE Research Group, Graduate Research Assistant, Virginia Tech, 2017.
Advisor: Dr. Denise Simmons
Created a model to be used by educators when developing out-of-class activities for engineering students. For more information, click here.

Graduate Student Peer Mentoring Program, Mentor, Virginia Tech, 2016-2017.
Assisted new graduate students, primarily underrepresented and minority students in engineering as they transition to Virginia Tech. Helped students navigate the graduate program and build a network of peers.

GUIDE (Growing in our Understanding of Inclusive Diversity in Engineering) Research Group, Graduate Research Assistant, Virginia Tech, 2016-2017.
Advisor: Dr. Walter Lee
Examining issues related to diversity in engineering. Investigating structural components of Minority in Engineering Programs and Women in Engineering Programs. For more information, click here.


Student Transition to Engineering Program (STEP) Academic Coach, Virginia Tech, Summer 2016.
Academic coach for students participating in STEP, a five-week summer bridge program for incoming Virginia Tech engineering students. Met with five students once a week and discussed study strategies, engineering careers,
resumes, and any topics of concern. STEP provides students an opportunity to take shortened versions of traditionally
difficult courses to help students prepare for their college career.

VTECC (Virginia Tech Engineering Communication Center), Graduate Research Assistant, Virginia Tech, Summer 2016
Advisors: Drs. Marie Paretti and Lisa McNair
Identified students’ conceptual and procedural approaches to problem-solving in written responses to engineering statics homework problems. Developed a rubric that outlined specific criteria that could be used by instructors and researchers to differentiate conceptual and procedural portions of students’ written responses. For more information, click here.

VT ASEE Student Chapter Information Resources Officer, Virginia Tech, 2015-2016.
Planned and coordinated ASEE student body meetings at Virginia Tech. Communicated with students about ASEE meetings, created fliers to advertise events, and assisted in running meetings.

Instructor: Hypatia Seminar, Virginia Tech Fall 2015.
Instructor for the Hypatia seminar, a required weekly seminar for females in the Hypatia Engineering Living Learning Community at Virginia Tech. Taught strategies and skills for academic success, professionalism, and personal development. Developed course material, taught three sections of the weekly seminar (approximately
100 students total), met with students outside of class, created assignment rubrics,
and graded assignments. For more information, click here.


Rising Sophomore Abroad Program (RSAP), Dominican Republic, May 2015.
Graduate student leader on the week-long Virginia Tech RSAP mission trip to the Dominican Republic. RSAP is a program for rising sophomore engineering students. Worked construction on a perimeter wall for a new medical facility. Assisted doctors in a mobile medical clinic and entertained children while their family received medical attention.

Assessment of the First-Year Engineering Education Program, Graduate Research Assistant, Virginia Tech, Spring 2015.
Advisor: Dr. Ken Reid
Analyzed survey data obtained from the First-Year Engineering Program regarding students’ intentions to remain in engineering.

Instructor of Record: Foundations of Engineering I and II, Virginia Tech, 2014-2015.
Instructor of record for two sections of the required first-year engineering course. Prepared lectures, graded homework assignments, and met with students individually. Classes combined lectures, discussions, activities, and group and
individual assignments. For more information, click here.


Center for Injury Biomechanics, Graduate Research Assistant, Virginia Tech, 2013-2015.
Advisors: Drs. Pamela VandeVord and Warren Hardy
Investigation into the relative brain/skull kinematics during head impact: Developed and modified test methods to examine kinematics during head impact. Utilized high-speed biplane x-ray to quantify relative brain/skull kinematics in an in vivo model.
Investigation into the effects of blast-induced neurotrauma: Investigated behavioral changes following injury in a rat model using standard short-term memory tests. Examined the cellular response in various brain regions following injury.

Colorado State University

Orthopaedics Bioengineering Research Laboratory, Undergraduate Researcher, Colorado State University, 2008-2009.
Advisor: Dr. Christian Puttlitz
Investigation into the use of micro-CT images to map cartilage thickness: Designed, modified, and executed multiple testing procedures to obtain micro-CT images of sheep spine facets. Compared micro-CT images to corresponding photographs to determine the accuracy of using micro-CT images to described cartilage thickness.

Mechanical Engineering Department Mentor, Colorado State University, 2008-2009.
Created the mentoring program for the Mechanical Engineering Department with other students and a faculty advisor. Organized and led activities, such as social events and study groups, for first-year engineering students. Mentored first-year students in the Mechanical Engineering Program

Tutor, Colorado State University, 2006 & 2008.
Tutored college students in Algebra, Trigonometry, Logarithmic and Exponential Functions, and Calculus I-III.